Teaching and learning Arabic Language in China: A Historical Study

تعليم اللغة العربية وتعلمها في الصين: دراسة تاريخية



Arabic language, Arabic teaching, China, dynasty, long history, gold age, remarkable achievements.


Arabic language is a common language of Arab nation and one of the working language of the United Nations. It is one of the most important academic languages for about 1000years, therefor Arabic language was so widely spread that the scope of studying and using was expanded to many continents, mainly to Asia, Africa and Europe.

Relationships between China and Arab go to very ancient times and it might be traced to two thousand years ago. During the Han dynasty, the relation between China and Arab had been established, and in Tang Song dynasty, bilateral relations were enhanced. When it was during the Yuan dynasty, Arabic had been widely spread and used and Chinese people started learning it and activities had been continuing till today. In the 20th century, China witnessed a rapid development in the Arabic teaching, firstly it was transferred from the mosque style to school style, and secondly it leaped from private school to national universities and brought into educational system of the government.

It is obviously that the Arabic teaching in China has a long history and it constitutes an important part in history of foreign languages teaching in China as well as an important part of Sino -Arab relations.

The half a century after establishment of the new China is a gold age in the history of the Arabic teaching in China. In this period a number of standard textbook were edited and exchanges with Arab countries were expanded, the teaching programs for different levels were worked out, and the studies in different fields were started, a number of Arabic talents were produced, many remarkable achievements were reached in the Arabic teaching and learning.




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