About the Journal

  • Aims and Objectives:

Al-Eeqaz Research Journal (الإيقاظ) Recognized by HEC in (Y) Catagory is an International, Quarterly, Tri-lingual (Urdu, Arabic, and English), Open Access, Multidisciplinary and Double-Blind Peer-Review Journal in the discipline of Islamic Studies, Arabic Linguistics & Literature and Social Sciences has been launched by Social Sciences Research Consultancy (SSRC) Islamabad.

The Journal aims to explore and bring forth innovative research-based concepts and practices in its discipline.

Its goal is to highlight Islamic concepts to answer the questions and to find solutions of different issues arising in modern era in the light of Sharia.

The Journal provides a platform to raise awareness of new trends in education among the younger generation and also provides a platform for researchers and academic professionals to share their novel theoretical and practical research initiatives.

AL EEQAZ not only encourages scholars to be creative but also attempts to motivate and guide readers to be inquisitive, creative and critical in approach. The journal is continuously demarche to achieve excellence by promoting quality of research. It is also committed to step forward with great zeal and zest to maintain standards of quality and integrity.

AL EEQAZ welcomes inspiring, stimulating, and informative research papers catering to the complex and increasingly diversifying multidimensional needs of learners, Scholars, teachers and professionals in diverse contexts. Contributions that break new grounds in the field of Arabic and Islamic sciences Instead of affecting the values of neutrality, diversity of opinion, truth and honesty, objectivity, originality, contribution of knowledge, strength for argument. AL EEQAZ has incorporated all these values in process of selection and review.

AL EEQAZ aims is to deliver a platform to academic researchers, teachers and students to share their efforts and circulate their results to promote research in the field of Arabic Linguistics & Literature and Islamic Studies, through providing opportunities for print and online access to quality material for all those who are interested in research.

The score and goal of journal is to awakening and highlight the Islamic concepts to answer the questions and to find solutions of different issues arising in modern era in the light of Shariah.

  • Scope

AL EEQAZ is an interdisciplinary Quarterly journal focuses on Islamic Studies & Arabic Studies, English and Urdu Linguistics & Literature and Social Sciences that seek to publish arbitrated articles dealing with various aspects of life. It covers Various Branches of knowledge such as: Quran & Hadith SciencesPrinciples of JurisprudenceShariah & LawReligious Studies /Comparative Religion, Sirah Al-Nabi, Islamic Civilization and History, EconomicsJurisprudence of Islamic Economics (Finance & Banking), TheologyMysticismHistory & Pakistan StudiesEducationLawWomen and Gender StudiesPolitical ScienceInternational RelationPhilosophySociologyIqbal StudiesRural Development StudiesMass Communication and Media StudiesRural/Urban StudiesCulture and CivilizationAnthropologyHuman Rights, Languages and Literature, Contemporary Issues in Islamic Perspective as well as Arabic, English and Urdu Language and Literature, etc.

So the Journal welcomes and provides a platform to post graduate students, scholars, professors to publish their valuable research on current issues. International perspective is also reflected by the Journal’s trilingual approach as it welcomes research papers in Urdu, Arabic and English.

  • Journal Information:

Journal Full Name:                      ĀL-ĒEQĀẒ Research Journal (الإيقاظ) 

Recognized by:                                     HEC in Y Catagory

Key Name:                                     Aleeqaz

ISSN (Print):                                    2790-2323

ISSN (Online):                                 2790-2331

Frequency:                                     Quarterly (4 issues per year)

Nature:                                            Open access OJS

Submission E-mail:                       aleeqazresearchjournal@gmail.com

Language of Publication:           Urdu, Arabic & English.

Indexing:                                         HJRS, DRJI, EuroPub, ARI, IUJ, ASI

Published by:                                 Social Sciences Research Consultancy Services is a registered company under SECP.