AL-EEQAZ (الإيقاظ) aims to explore, promote quality research and bring forth innovative research-based concepts and practices in the discipline of Islamic Studies & Arabic Linguistics & Literature and Social Sciences. The major features are unpublished research works, manuscripts and artifacts as well as the modern critical thoughts and ideas, issues, Islamic perspective as well as Arabic Language and Literature and Social Sciences.


The objective of AL-EEQAZ (الإيقاظ) is standardization of quality research articles and making them available to researchers worldwide.  The journal facilitates publication of the researchers and scholars in universities of Pakistan and abroad, their research projects under the defined procedures and guidelines. The journal publishes research articles as well as review articles.

Academia & Intelligentsia of the universities & other spheres are always invited & welcome to contribute their unique research findings & writings.

AL-EEQAZ strictly follows the rules and regulations set by HEC for research journals.