Instructions for Authors

Al-Eeqaz is a Research Journal purely affiliated with Islamic Sciences and Arts, which is of greater importance for the world of knowledge and research. Editorial policy regarding articles to be published in the Research Journal is as under:  

  • Al-Eeqaz Articles should be relevant and around the topics such as Uloom Al-Quran, Uloom Al-Hadith, Ilm-w-Usool-e-Fiqh, Comparative Religions, Ilm Al-Kalam and Sufiism, Philosophy, Science, Literature, Economics, Sociology, Political, Cultural, Arabic language & Literature and Social Sciences etc. Similarly, introduction & comments on Muslim Personalities and Islamic Books. 
  • Al-Eeqaz Research articles for publication will be forwarded for peer review to nominated referees analysts.
  • Al-Eeqaz regarding the publication process, the Rules & Regulations of HEC will be implemented.
  • Al-Eeqaz Editorial Committee reserves the rights of necessary amendments, cancellation and abstract in the articles sent. Editor shall inform the writers with the opinion of the analysts and to make necessary changes.
  • All research articles published in Al-Eeqaz express the view-points of their authors. So every article is the sole responsibility of the writer whilst Editorial Committee and SSRC, Islamabad has no responsibility in this regard.
  • Articles once sent to Al-Eeqaz shall not be returned in both the case, published or not published.  

Rules & Regulations for publishing an Article

General Points:

  1. The article should be in accordance with the research principles and should be on a new topic. Moreover, the article should be adorned with the references of basic sources and should not be infringed.
  2. It is necessary to take care of secret and rules of writing & spelling.
  3. The article should have not been published anywhere else.
  4. Article should be composed in MS Word one side of A4 It should not be more than 20 pages.
  5. Article also should be composed in (Jameel Noori Nastaleeq) Font for Urdu, (Traditional Arabic) Font for Arabic and (Times New Romans) Font for English.
  6. While composing the article, be careful regarding font sizes:
    1. For main-headings, font size:  18
    2. For sub-heading, font size:      16
    3. For matter, font size:    (Urdu & Arabic:14,         English:12)
    4. For footnote, font size: (Urdu & Arabic:12,         English:10)
  7. Two hard copies and one soft copy are required.
  8. Author would enclose an abstract containing approximately 250 words.
  9. Article may be written in the Urdu, Arabic or English languages.
  10. It is necessary to avoid from errors and omissions.

Directions for Writing & Editing

Thesis should contain the following: 

1. Abstract

It should contain summary regarding research. Abstract must be written in English language.

2. Introduction

Introduction must include objective, methodology, distinctive characteristics of the research work and conclusion.

3. Keywords

Authors are required to include five key words.

4. Conclusion

Conclusion should be presented in a logical sequence.

5. Discussion

In this part of the article, author would present his views and research in detail.

6. References

References should be made according to the following guidelines:

  1. References should be made as Footnotes.
  2. While giving references, Chicago Manual Style should be adopted.
  • While referring to a book, author’s name, name of the book, publisher’s name & place and year of publication and then Volume No/ Page No should be clearly mentioned.

Following example should be followed:

Ibn Kathīr, Tafsīr Al-Qurān Al-Azīm, Dar al-Sādir, Bayrūt, 1354 A.H, 2/312

  1. For similar references at multiple locations, traditional style of abbreviations may be used.
  2. Quranic verses in the article be presented in Arabic script.

Method would be as under:

Sura Al-Nisa: 184

  • All Ahadiths should be briefly interpreted.

Example for this is as under:

Al-Bukhārī, Al-Jami’ Al-Sahēh, Kitāb al-Ilm, Bāb Ifshā al-salām min al-Islām, Darussalām, Riyaḍ, 1414A.H, Hadith no: 29, 1/8

  • All-known figures mentioned in the article must be briefly introduced and references from books should also be quoted.


إرشادات لتقديم البحوث والمقالات باللغة العربية

أن يكتب البحث والمقالة في صيغة Microsoft Word فونت   Traditional Arabic

  1. أن يكون بحجم خط (14) للمتن و(12) للهوامش.
  2. أن يكتب في الصفحة الأولى معلوماته اللازمة، مثلاً: الإسم الكامل، والانتماء المؤسسي، رقم الإتصال، وعنوان البريد الإلكتروني.
  3. أن يكتب الملخص بالإنجليزية يحتوي على (150-200) كلمة.
  4. أن تكون الكلمات الـمفتاحية بعد الـملخص ولا تزيد عن (05) كلمة.
  5. أن يحتوي البحث على ( 3000-12000) كلمة.
  6. أن يكون المراجع في نهاية البحث ويتبع فيه أُسلوب شيكاغو (Chicago-Style Citation) إلا أسماء المؤلفين يكتب كاملاً دون الألقاب. وعلى سبيل المثال: محمد عبد الله الغزالی، یعقوب بن اسحاق الکندی وغيره

ملاحظة: لـمزيد من الارشادات يرجى الرجوع إلى تقديم البحوث باللغة الإنجليزية  (Paper Submission Guideline).