Female Earnings contribution for the economic stability: A study in the light of Islamic Teachings

معاشی استحکام کے لئے خواتین کی آمدنی کا استعمال: اسلامی احکام کی روشنی میں



Finamcial, Islamic, Stability, Contribution, Teachings, Female


Almighty being the creator of the universe has bestowed humanity with uncountable blessings. Adam and Eve were the first of humans and they established the family system on earth. This laid the foundations to built the society. Spread of humanity demanded different needs by observing changes in the society. Family is the basic unit of society where husband and wife manage the financial issues. Marital relationships are being affected because females do not contribute financially. This is also leading to the discriminatory behaviour towards females. This research aims at knowing the importance of female's role in the financial stability of the society. The researcher has also highlighted the need of female contribution in the economic stability through their earnings in the light of the Islamic teachings.




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Ms. Zainab Moin, and Ms. Hafsah Ayaz Qureshi. 2022. “Female Earnings Contribution for the Economic Stability: A Study in the Light of Islamic Teachings: معاشی استحکام کے لئے خواتین کی آمدنی کا استعمال: اسلامی احکام کی روشنی میں”. AL-ĪQĀẒ (الإيقاظ) 2 (3):86-101. https://www.aleeqaz.org/index.php/aleeqaz/article/view/60.