Islamic Perspective of Peace and Its Necessity in the Contemporary Era


  • Dr. Ume Farva Assistant Professor, National University of Science & Technology, Islamabad
  • Dr. Aasia Rashid Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Thought and Culture, National University of Modern Languages, Lahore campus


Peace, Mankind, Tolerance, Humbleness, Honour


Islam is a Religion of peace and Moderation and it condemns extremism and violence. Peace carries a central position in the Islamic traditions. The main focus of Islam is to establish a blissful society where all can get prosperous life. Islam has been revealed to remove cruelty aggression and atrocities from the social system of the world. Today, the humanity is suffering troubles, hardships and anxiety. In this situation the teaching of Islam can create peace and love. This paper will focus on the importance of peace in the light of the Islamic commandments and will bring out the benefits of the implementation peace in the contemporary era.




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Dr. Ume Farva, and Dr. Aasia Rashid. 2022. “Islamic Perspective of Peace and Its Necessity in the Contemporary Era”. AL-ĪQĀẒ (الإيقاظ) 2 (3):46-55.