Feticide and Its Impact on Society


  • Dr. Mufti Muhammad Anas Rizwan Assistant Professor, Faculty of Shariah and Law, International Islamic University, Islamabad


Life, Permissible, Shariah, Law, Feticide, Impact


One of the main objectives of Shari’ah is protection of life and its sanctity. Because of this reason fetus has right to life and removing a fetus from mother’s womb is a big sin. So abortion i.e. removing of fetus that is without intention for is known as miscarriage, spontaneous abortion or feticide. There can be many reasons for Feticide like as genetic deficiency, trauma, or biochemical incompatibility of woman and fetus.

Therefore, this study focuses on the Position of Feticide in Islam, Position of Feticide in Law, Rights of Fetus, Situations in which Feticide is permissible and the Impact of Feticide on Society. In this regard, Rights of Fetus includes Right of Inheritance, Right to Will, Right to Hiba, Right not to harm and Economic Rights of Fetus has been discussed in the light of Shariah and Law. Additionally, the Situations in which Feticide is permissible such as protect the Life of Mother, Rape and Fetal Deformities has been discussed in detail. Finally, the Impact of Feticide on Society including Financially, Psychologically and morally has been discussed. 




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