The disadvantages of interest in the light of Quran and Sunnah

قرآن وسنت كى روشنى ميں سودكےنقصانات


  • Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ibraheem Lecturer, Islamic Study, Fazaia Inter College, Kaamrah Cantt.  
  • Hafiz Muhammad Suleman Research Scholar, Islamic Study Deptt, NUML, Islamabad


Interest. Guidance. Shari'ah. Benefit. Fraud


Islam is a complete code of life with complete guidance in all areas of life, including commerce and it forbids such methods in which there is a fear of deception or fraud. This is the reason why Islam forbids the methods of trade that involve the risk of loss, deception and fraud. These great commercial principles of Islam are actually designed for our own benefit. Usury (Interest) is a scourge and a social scourge that not only leads to economic exploitation, free eating, greed, selfishness and miserliness, but also leads to economic and financial disasters. Therefore, Islam does not tolerate it in any way. Islamic Shari'ah has not only declared it absolutely forbidden, but has declared it a war with Allah and His Messenger.




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Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ibraheem, and Hafiz Muhammad Suleman. 2022. “The Disadvantages of Interest in the Light of Quran and Sunnah: قرآن وسنت كى روشنى ميں سودكےنقصانات”. Al-Īqāẓ (الإيقاظ) 2 (1):07-18.