Practices of Domestic Violence and Abused Women: A Phenomenological Study



Abused, Women, Domestic Violence, Violence


Domestic violence is a common problem, especially for domestic women. These articles, which focus on women in particular, address health issues and risk factors among female victims in order to provide preventive strategies to eradicate them from societies. Most NGOs are working on victims' women and other related problems, which is the most effective role in the life of victims' women. As part of multi-sector efforts in the early identification and prevention of domestic abuse situations, the majority of commercial and governmental sectors working in the health sector are also crucial. The early detection and intervention of such individuals is a special responsibility of psychiatrists. Domestic violence frequently goes undetected. It can be a waste of time and a result of disobeying doctors' instructions, while women cannot fully say that they face violence. Yes, some women have to endure this cruelty. And some doctors' sympathies are aggressive. At the same time, women need to speak up for their rights and may need advice. We see some women experiencing domestic violence and social ills, including complications such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and pregnancy. None of these are specific to Domestic violence. Be sure to review such recommendations. Many countries on our list appear to be powerless to protect women facing domestic violence. While new laws should be enacted to improve women's care and provide women with full details of their rights, the doctor who completes the process of educating women should fully practice, and there should be a thorough investigation into how domestic violence against women can be prevented and how it can be completely controlled.




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