Need of Seerah Studies at University Level in Current System of Education in Pakistan


  • Dr. Munazza Sultana Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, NUML, Islamabad


Seerat-Un-Nabi, University level, Current System, Youth, Life Style.


Seerah educates about the meaning of the Holy Quran. Without complete knowledge of Seerah, we cannot understand the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran somehow depends on Seerah for understanding its full and exact meaning. It sheds light on why the particular verse was revealed and what was its context of revelation. It is therefore, noteworthy to let children learn Quran with reference to Seerah at an early stage and at higher level. This would help them make the Holy Quran a part of daily life. Seerah is the life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as a whole. It includes not only HIS life after Prophet Hood but also before Prophet Hood. In Pakistan, students and youth are becoming less tolerant, ill-mannered, rude and aggressive due to the adoption of modern culture and globalization. It is necessary to teach them the life style of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). This can be done through Seerah, the best-suited way. This study finds whether Seerah is taught as a core course at university level in Pakistan in order to improve the life pattern of Muslim youth. To raise our eman, to understand the meaning of Quran and to increase the love for Holy Prophet (PBUH), it is necessary to implement it as an important course to combat modernization that is empowering youth life. 




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Dr. Munazza Sultana. 2023. “Need of Seerah Studies at University Level in Current System of Education in Pakistan”. AL-ĪQĀẒ (الإيقاظ) 3 (1):87-99.