The Shamanism / Denialism A Historical Overview

دنیلیزم/ کہانت ایک تاریخی جائزہ


  • Dr. Ansaruddin Madni 1. Department of Education Development (Islamic Studies) Karakoram International University Gilgit, 15100, Pakistan 2.Department of Religion and Art, University of Religions and Denominations, Qom, Iran
  • Dr. Fizzah Muslim Assistant Prorfessor, Department of (Islamic Studies) Karakoram International University Gilgit, Pakistan


Danyalism; Shamanism; Different Regions; Problems; Gilgit-Baltistan


At present, people in different regions of the world believe that there are some forces influencing our daily life, due to which we have to face losses, the list of these losses is quite long, so we will try to Let us briefly mention the problems due to which some forced and troubled people wash their hands of their faith and belief and wealth in the circles of fake actors, fake followers, and spend the rest of their lives as a picture of regret.

At the outset, you should understand that this subject is so complex and complicated that you need to have book knowledge as well as observation to understand it otherwise you will add to people's problems by drawing one-sided conclusions, for example, someone Tells you his dream, you can only hear from him about whether the dream is scary or not.

Therefore, I will try to talk about the problems on the basis of which family conflicts arise, relationships break, children, become disobedient, the tendency to commit suicide increases, and why troubled people turn to such places. Where they must reveal their secrets?

For now, to understand the reality of this concept, it is necessary to understand some historical evidence to know the extent and scope of our troubles and Sufferings.




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