An analytical study of the discussion of prophets in Urdu Poetry

اُردو شاعری میں انبیائے کرام کا تذکرہ:ایک تجزئیاتی مطالعہ



Urdu, Poetry, Prophet, Classic, Tradition, Stories, Islam, Personalities, Allusion, Stylistics


Information about religious personalities is found in the literature of the world. The Urdu language has the special feature that it has a healthy tradition of covering topics from around the world. As far as the influence of Islam on Urdu poetry is concerned, I have no doubt that the echo of this influence can be equally felt in the Urdu poetry tradition. The entire classical period from Wali Deccani to Dagh Dehlvi is characterized by this Islamic influence, and in the modern era, i.e., in the 21st century, this influence can be felt. In the Urdu ghazal tradition, there are hundreds of poets, from Wali Dikni to Mirza Dagh, who have narrated the stories and events related to the prophets in poems and carefully made these events and information part of the poetic harmony. There are the greatest personalities in this universe who shine like diamonds and pearls among all human beings. The Almighty gave him the light of unity, the light of revelation, and the fountains of wisdom in his heart. His life, character, and all the achievements of his personality are a beacon of light for the Muslims of Islam. In this article, the events and circumstances related to the biography and personality of the Prophet have been analyzed by Urdu poets, and an attempt has been made to prove that in Urdu poetry, the poets have made the entire tradition of Islam a part of poetry and Islamic poems, giving a new harmony to the individual character of the spokesperson.




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