Security Issues in the Developing countries (Pakistan): It’s Solution in the light of Seerah



Modern World, Lawlessness, Exploitation, Insecurity, Seerah, Peace, Conflict.


Developing countries is suffering problems like poverty, starvation, pollution, exploitation of the poor, and the status of woman in society. However, the most prominent and big issue of the Developing countries is that of law disorder and insecurity. It has become a different kind of root cause for the rest of the allied issues, hence affecting the peace and prosperity across the developing countries. This paper discusses these problems and gives a solution in the light of the Seerah, the way the Holy Prophet Muhammad (r) practiced his life. The interpretations of AaHadiths have been used as a tool for the analysis of this complex problem in this qualitative and descriptive research. The result finds that human mind has a limit to reach although it varies individual to individual. That is why a person cannot exceed a certain limit in terms of his reason and rationality. Now such a person can only be the messenger of Allah who is directly guided by Him. Therefore, Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (r) whose life is a complete code of life and gives the most acceptable solution to every human problem. The modern world is suffering from evils. So Islam is a religion of kindness and peace, the entire world should take benefit from its blessings. At the end, suggestions have been given in the light of the analysis and discussion to conclude the study.




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Mr. Saeed Ahmad Zaman, Dr. Shahzad Farid, and Dr. Arfan Latif. 2023. “Security Issues in the Developing Countries (Pakistan): It’s Solution in the Light of Seerah”. AL-ĪQĀẒ (الإيقاظ) 3 (1):53-64.