Similarities and Differences between the Current Education System and Education System in the Life of the Holy Prophet ()



Education, Islamic, Postmodern, System, Teachings.


This study expounds upon the “Similarities and Differences between Current Education System at the Time of Prophet S.A.W.” This research signifies the relevance of the preaching is of our Holy Prophet S.A.W in relation to the contemporary education system. This study aims at exploring the parallels and contrasts between the early Islamic era and the postmodern era to excavate the practical value and fruitfulness of both the teaching systems. It focuses upon the teaching methods, which were adopted by the last Prophet S.A.W like stimulation, persuasion, appreciation, role modeling, focusing the individual differences, avoiding punishments etc. It also points to the current Education system dealing with E. Learning, co-education, scientific analysis, gradation etc. The pivotal focus of this study is to observe the continuation of the teaching techniques of Holy Prophet S.A.W. in the present age and the variations that the present day education system has incorporated to teach in the postmodern times. It is a qualitative research. The method of content analysis will be used to carry out this research. This study has further implications for the future researchers exploring the latest education system borrowing the teaching structures of the Holy Prophet S.A.W.




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Dr. Aasia Rashid, Ms. Aasma Iram, and Dr. Ume Farva. 2023. “Similarities and Differences Between the Current Education System and Education System in the Life of the Holy Prophet ()”. AL-ĪQĀẒ (الإيقاظ) 3 (1):18-33.