About the Journal

AL-EEQAZ (الإيقاظ) is an International, Peer-Reviewed, Open Access, Quarterly, Multidisciplinary, Tri-lingual (Urdu, Arabic, and English), and academic journal covering all the areas of Islamic Studies, Arabic, English and Urdu Linguistics & Literature and Social Sciences, ISSN (Online): 2790–2331, ISSN (Print): 2790–2323, has been launched by Social Sciences Research Consultancy (SSRC) Islamabad.

The first issue was published in July-September 2021. Articles are sent to the experts for judgment and opinion before publication. It is an Interdisciplinary Quarterly Journal focuses on Islamic & Arabic Studies and Social Sciences. In 2022 Journal was selected in the approved list of HEC journals. From 2021, it is registered in HJRS, DRJI, EuroPub, ARI, IUJ, ASI, SIS, and some other international database agencies like Ulrich, EBSCO, Web of Science and Scopus are in progress.

AL-EEQAZ (الإيقاظ) not only encourages scholars to be creative but also attempts to motivate and guide readers to be inquisitive, creative and critical in approach. The journal is continuously demarche to achieve excellence by promoting quality of research. It is also committed to step forward with great zeal and zest to maintain standards of quality and integrity.

AL-EEQAZ (الإيقاظ) welcomes inspiring, stimulating, and informative research papers catering to the complex and increasingly diversifying multidimensional needs of learners, Scholars, teachers and professionals in diverse contexts. Contributions that break new grounds in the field of Arabic and Islamic sciences Instead of affecting the values of neutrality, diversity of opinion, truth and honesty, objectivity, originality, contribution of knowledge, strength for argument. It has incorporated all these values in process of selection and review.