Difference of opinion and its manners in the light of Seerah A research and analytical study

سیرت نبوی ﷺکی روشنی میں اختلاف رائے اور اسکے آداب ایک تحقیقی و تجزیاتی مطالعہ


  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Zaheer Lecturer, Research Department, Da’wah Academy, IIU, Islamabad
  • Dr. Hafiz Abdul Mannan Zahidi Lecturer, Da’wah Academy, IIU, Islamabad


Seerah, Difference, Problems, Opinion, Sectarianism


One of the most important problems faced by Muslim Ummah nowadays is, “sectarianism”. If we look into the reasons & causes, “difference of opinion” is considered as the biggest reason of this problem. Although difference of opinion itself is not a bad thing, rather than it is a natural phenomenon, because every person has a different way of thinking so he has a right to have an opinion about any issue based on his own research. Moreover it is not necessary that his opinion will be acceptable to others in such a way as it is acceptable to him. This is a natural process and very useful for a healthy society. However, if the way of exploring & sharing this opinion among the society is not adopted properly, it becomes a cause for division and grouping. So there is a need of proper guide line to tackle this problem. The life of the holy prophet is a great guideline for all Muslims in every field of life and in every problem. Many incidents occurred in front of holy prophet (PBUH) and he resolved them accordingly. In this article, we will discuss some of these incidents and their solutions by the holy prophet (PBUH). Moreover we will map these incidents with the current scenario and try to find out the solutions to the said problems in light of the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).




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