Unification of Islamic theories in heresy and its dangers to religion

توحيد النظريات الإسلامية في البدعة وخطوراته على الدين


  • Mr. Habeeb Alawiye M.Phil Scholar, Shariya Department, IIorin University, Nigeria


Theories, Heresy, Religion, Disintegration, Muslims


There is a group of scholars who attack the theory of heresy in terms of its divisions, definitive without conjecture, and vehement denial of those who disagree with them in that, except that the correct Mahmudiyah is heresy and other blameworthy. After his long consideration, it became clear to the researcher that our statement of the censure of all heresies - according to the doctrine of the aforementioned sect - has great dangers and many catastrophes for Islam and Muslims together, for the sake of which the fall of the Islamic state is sustained and the disintegration between the Islamic nations is rotated. One of the best ways to end the disturbances that plague Muslims in the current era is for everyone to understand that there are innovations that are vilified and that there are praiseworthy ones.




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