Decline of International tourist arrival in Pakistan from 2014-2019


  • Ms. Urooj Zulfiqar  PhD. Scholar, AHIBS, University Teknologi Malaysia
  • Dr. Harcharanjit Singh Associate Professor, International Business School, University Teknologi Malaysia


Destination image, Tourist satisfaction, Intention to revisit, International tourist


Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries for decades. In Pakistan, tourism is among the fastest-growing economic sectors and is the largest source of foreign exchange. Moreover, competitive tourism market with new emerging destinations, can create a competitive advantage that could result revisit intention. However, the international tourist arrivals in Pakistan have been declining significantly from the year 2011-2019. Present research aims to provide the insight of pakistan tourism sector pitfalls and the theoretical overview of destination image, satisfaction and intention to revisit as these variables play major role for the arrival of international tourist. The research finding provides some guidelines to the policy makers and Pakistan department of tourism to improve the international tourist arrivals.




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Ms. Urooj Zulfiqar, and Dr. Harcharanjit Singh. 2022. “Decline of International Tourist Arrival in Pakistan from 2014-2019”. Al-Īqāẓ (الإيقاظ) 2 (1):01-14.