The Role of Pir Muhammad Rashid to Readjustment of Pledge Allegiance in Tasawuf



Shari’ah, Sūnnah, Tarīqat, Haqīqah, pledge allegiance


One of the twelfth and thirteenth century eminent scholar and Sufi saint of Sindh is Imam-ūl-Arfīn Pir Syed Mohammad Rashid Roza Dhani. His contributions for revival of Dīn are a bright tower of the history. This is an historical research. Therefor historical and scholarly method of research is adopted.

Syed Mohammad Rashid Roza Dhani promoted the system of Tarīqat and re-established the random system of Sufism, especially the Qadiriya Sufi-order whose central system had been cold for a long time, and the traditions of the leading saints absolutely forgotten. An important source of misguidance in those days was the misguide sufis. He considered those who deviate from the commands of the pure Shari'ah are not monotheists but atheists who avoided obeying fundamentals of Shari'ah. He started the process of pledge allegiance following to the Holy Prophet and considered the pledge of allegiance as an effective means of reforming hearts in the field of preaching and through it sought a living revolution. If he is called the inventor of this formal system, it will not be wrong. Just as Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, compiled Qadiriya Sufi-order in such a way that millions of people benefited, in the same way, Rozah Dhani also trained and supervised his followers with continuity and discipline, and set them up in a short period of time.

As a result of his combined efforts, a large numbers of people of Sindh in particular and the entire subcontinent in general have benefited.




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